Listen as Educator Barnes discusses education entrepreneurship with Emily Dills (Emily Dills Coaching LLC), Diamond Malone-Gilbert (Mrs. DMG Tutoring), and Traceyna Miller (Passionate Healthcare Training Academy LLC).

Listen as Educator Barnes shares how to shift from working full time in a school to working full time as an entrepreneur.

Listen as Educator Barnes discusses with Dr. Stephen Jones ways parents can empower themselves to help their children reach academic excellence. To learn more about Dr. Jones go to

Listen as Educator Barnes and guest expert askOTKimberly discuss the importance of mental wellness and the active role we all must take in managing it.

On January 2, 2021, Educator Barnes' father passed away. This episode of Brazen Education is the speech she gave at her father's funeral where she shared tips of wisdom he had taught her.

Listen as Educator Barnes reflects on what she has learned and overcome during 2020

Listen as Educator Barnes talks to Alexandra Curlin who is running for a seat on Washington Township's school board in Indianapolis. Curlin, like Educator Barnes, has children attending school in the district. They will discuss what it will take to ensure every student succeeds.

Listen as Educator Barnes explains the levels of exhaustion educators, her included, are facing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Listen as Educator Barnes discusses with Dr. Elondra D. Napper and Carly & Adam Speicher how we can continue to grow and learn when making mistakes with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Educator Barnes addresses how white educators are slowing down and thwart the work of anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion by trying to lead the movement.

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